Participants of Round II of the GM2016 announced!

The long-awaited moment has finally come. After seven months since the begining of Round I of the inaugural Guitar Masters 2016 competition, the semi-finalists for the Classical guitar category and the finalists for the Fingerstyle category have been announced. 37 classical guitarists and 24 fingerstyle guitarists have been selected from among 204 participants admitted to the Round I. The participants of Round II are of various ages. The youngest is 15 years old and the oldest is 43. They come from many different countries, some from as far afield as South Korea, Cuba and New Zealand.

In the Fingerstyle category the jury decided to increase the number of participants of the second round. Since there was a draw between six people and they all have been admitted to compete in the finals. Moreover, for each category there was one spot reserved in the Round II for the winner of an innovative YouTube competition Choose Your Master. The competition was judged by an audience. Contestants who received the biggest number of votes in their category have been admitted to the Round II.

The jury consisting of: Krzysztof Pełech, Shin-Ichi Fukuda, Berta Rojas, Thomas Kirchhoff, Marek Pasieczny, Annette Kruisbrink, Sean Samimi and Martha Masters in Classical Guitar category and Tommy Emmanuel, Piotr Restecki, Krzysztof Pełech and Ian Cooper in Fingerstyle category.

has decided that the Round II of the Guitar Masters 2016 competition will be entered by (in alphabetical order):

Classical Guitar Competition       Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

Ali Arango
Ptolemaios Armaos
Giulia Ballare
Anton Baranov
Michał Bąk
Riccardo Calogiuri
Jerzy Chwastyk
Thomas Csaba
Petar Čulić
Daniel Egielman
Andrzej Grygier
Sondre Hoymer
Vojin Kocic
Mateusz Kowalski
Marcin Kuźniar
Eduard Leata
Chiawei Lin
Pietro Locatto
Bogdan Mihailescu
Hugo Moltó
Andrea Monarda
Flavio Nati
Agustin Nazzetta
Kyuhee Park
Piotr Przedbora
Wojciech Rysiecki
Joaquim Santos Simões
Giacomo Susani
Hedvika Švendová
Davide Giovanni Tomasi
Marko Topchii
Kristina Vårlid
Andrea De Vitis
Hao Yang
Tengyue Zhang
Natan Zlodre
Roman Zorkin

Joseph Balfe

Tom Combes

Pascal Farin

Yohay Gabbay

Darren James Hodge

Kuba Jurczak

Young So Kim

David Lindorfer

Alberto  Lombardi

Tanausú Luis

Fiodar Lysenka

Sönke Meinen

Enrico Maria Milanesi

Adam Miller

Akinori Miyoshi

Pierangelo Mugavero

Jovanny Parvedy

Marcin Patrzałek

Antal Pusztai

Nemanja Rebic

Danis Scherbakov

Akihiro Tanaka

Thomas Wallisch

The winners of the Choose Your Master competition are:

Classical guitar: Joaquim Santos Simões 

Fingerstyle: Romario Amorim Dos Santos

See you in Wroclaw! 

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