ASTROLABE – Krzysia Górniak & Rui Teles

Portuguese Evening

9 March 2023 | 7:00 pm

Witrażowa Hall, 1 Purkyniego Str., Wrocław

Tickets: PLN 88 normal, PLN 66 reduced*, available on e-mail order ( or online at: :,

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The Astrolabe concert is a musical journey between Polish, Slavic sensibility and Portuguese fado nostalgia. The band was founded in 2022 by Portuguese singer Rui Teles and Polish jazz guitarist Krzysia Górniak.
In Wrocław we will hear them in a trio, with Maciej Wieżyński, flamenco guitar enthusiast, playing the second guitar.
The premiere of their album "Astrolabe" by Krzysia Górniak & Rui Teles took place in December last year and this material will be heard at the first concert of this formation in Wrocław. Join our cruise to the coast of Portugal!


Originally from the northern part of Portugal, Rui Teles developed his musical sensitivity while living in Lisbon for nearly 15 years. He absorbed the most inspiration in its oldest district - Alfama, which tastes of green wine, smells of the ocean, and on its streets nostalgic fado is mixed with the colorful sounds of Lusophonie countries.

However, 6 years ago a lucky fate led Rui to the other end of Europe, to a small Masurian village. Here he fell in love, started a family and opened a Portuguese restaurant.

And also here, by the blazing bonfire, he met Krzysia Górniak, who, as every year, sailed around the Masurian waters. That summer night, their common sounds resounded for the first time and the idea was born to combine the jazzy, Slavic sound of Krzysia's guitar with Rui's Portuguese sensitivity.

Since then, they have performed several times on Masurian stages to finally record a joint material.

They invited Maciej Wieżyński, an Andalusian guitar enthusiast, and the great rhythm section of Michał Jaros and Marcin Jahr to cooperate. This is how the band Astrolabe was created, and their first album "Astrolabe", which was guest starred by Olga Barej on the second vocal, contains both original songs and Portuguese classics, whose nostalgia also resonates in Polish souls.

The name of the band Astrolabe comes from the Greek. ἁστρολάβον astrolabon 'star catcher'.

It was an astronomical measuring instrument used in navigation, used to determine the position of celestial bodies above the horizon, during voyages at sea.

Astrolabe's music is a journey to distant lands, full of the southern sun, love, hope and joy.

Listen to the album


During the concert, we will serve Portuguese tapas prepared by Rui Teles, which will be:

- tapas with seafood, i.e. toasts with a lime paste of tuna caught off the coast of the Azores, with seafood, generously sprinkled with fresh coriander,

- anchovy tapas, i.e. toasts with anchovies on a slice of apple, sprinkled with orange juice, sprinkled with thyme.

Fresh, essential, colorful... just like Portugal itself.


*A reduced ticket is available to retirees, pensioners, school and university students up to 26 years of age and disabled people with their guardian. Children under 7 years of age can attend the concert free of charge if they can sit on their parents' laps.


Organisers: KA-International Art Management, Fandango PolskaSala Witrażowa


Contact for media: Katarzyna Krzysztyniak, 793 355 877, 

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