Flamenco Evening: Madrugada Sombra

Flamenco Evening: Madrugada Sombra

17/07/2022 | 5:30 pm

Witrażowa Hall, 1 Purkyniego Str., Wrocław

Tickets: PLN 66 normal, PLN 44 reduced, available at  kupbilecik.pl

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The July Flamenco Evening will be a big surprise for people who used to attend the concerts of this series. Summer vibes will be boosted by the energetic and original group MADRUGADA SOMBRA, which in a non-obvious and skillful way combines the art of flamenco with Polish folk. The band will present material from their debut album Sombra.



MADRUGADA SOMBRA (Spanish: madrugada - morning, dawn, sombra - shadow) is a unique musical fusion of Polish folk music with flamenco, electronics and jazz. It is undoubtedly the first music project of this type in Poland. The ensemble was awarded at the 27th International Folk Music Festival Mikołajki Folkowe, winning a distinction in the Open Stage competition for its phenomenal presentation and accurate cultural fusion in 2017.


Through their debut album Sombra, the artists show the beauty of Polish folk music and the extraordinary energy flowing from flamenco. This project builds bridges between seemingly distant worlds and aesthetics, and highlights the fact that it is worth reaching back to your own roots and drawing inspiration from them, as well as combining traditional music with new trends and styles.


The juxtaposition of words in the band's name, where madrugada means dawn and sombra means shadow, emphasizes that duality is the leitmotif of the project. This peculiar juxtaposition of two opposing phenomena perfectly illustrates the perversity of this music, in which there is always a little light and a little shadow. Contemporary arrangements of extremely melodic songs from the Kurpie region, Lublin region or Greater Poland are intertwined with the rhythms of joyful Spanish rumbas, tangos and bulerías. Original compositions meet electronics, jazz and even... Polish big beat, and moving, serious cante jondo songs and white singing resound alongside electronic beats and traditional percussion. It is a completely new, original combination that creates a unique project with its own characteristic sound and message.


The band has performed at many prestigious festivals and events from the world of culture and art, incl. TEDxWomanWarsaw 2019, 6th Floor Theater, Opening Gala of the European Forum for New Ideas Sopot, 7th International Tattoo Convention Warsaw 2019, European Festival of Authors' Songs Transvocale 2019 Frankfurt {oder} Słubice, Award Gala of the Zacny Uczynek Foundation Łazienki Królewskie Warsaw, JEFF Jazz Etno Funky Festival Slovenia, Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia. Closing of the "On the road" exhibition, Night of Museums, Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra.


The Madrugada Sombra band will perform in the following line-up:

Wiktoria Kwiatkowska - singing, palmas

Iwona Skrzos - guitar, dance

Maciej Wieżyński - guitar

Kamila Olesińska - dancing, singing, palmas

Anika Kamińska - cajón, palmas, percussion

Piotr Łabanow - bass guitar

Wojciech Jankowski - flutes, saxophone

Organizers: KA-International Art Management, Fandango Polska, Sala Witrażowa

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