Rhythms of Spanish baroque


Rhythms of Spanish Baroque

5th Dec 2021 | 6 P.M.

2 Dominikański Square, Dominican Monastery

Old Refectory (entrance from Janickiego St.)

tickets: 35/25 PLN available at kupbilecik.pl and one hour before the concert

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Jacaras return with a new repertoire and line-up! The upcoming concert at the Monastery can make for a well spent Saint Nicolaus Day both for regular Jacaras followers and for those who haven’t yet experienced the mastery of one of the most unique guitar ensembles in Poland.


Jacaras is a unique group that specializes in performing the 17th and 18th century Spanish and Latin American dances and songs, of which many had a huge influence on today's popular music in many countries - especially the flamenco genre.


Contrary to the typical classical guitar trend, the group performs in a standing position and uses their own arrangements of extant solo guitar dances, songs with guitar accompaniment and monodies.


Baroque music is usually associated with seriousness and monumentality and its “lighter” repertoire seems to be a less frequent choice for the contemporary musician.  The members of Jacaras undertook the mission of promoting this forgotten legacy and with the help of modern instruments they are hoping to make this timeless music even more accessible to a modern ear!


The repertoire is also diversified by the elements of Latin American music, mainly Mexican, as well as recently arranged Jewish (Sephardic) songs.


New line-up:

Piotr Zaleski - director, timple canario, vocals

Julieta Gonzalez-Springer - vocals and castanets

Łukasz Oleszek - guitar and vocals

Mateusz Ławniczak - guitar and vocals

Łukasz Figiel - bass guitar and vocals

Victor Martínez Huamán - percussion instruments


We recommend following Jacaras on social media:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9JiS5x-Bg-yqqk7CTPviYw

The new member of the band is a multi-instrumentalist from Peru - Victor Martínez Huamán, who introduces a new quality in the band by playing percussion instruments.

For the concert of Jacaras invite: KA - International Art ManagementDominikanie Wrocław
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