About Guitar Masters 2016!

Wrocław Guitar Society, organizer of the Guitar Masters 2016 International Competition and Festival, has collected a number of accolades and congratulations on the success of the event. Below are some of the opinions of the music experts and culture professionals.



The International Competition and Festival Guitar Masters 2016, a founded itself among many carefully selected cultural events included in the programme of the European Capital of Culture 2016. The excellent promotion of this event, support of the media as well as the professionalism and dedication of its organizers made it possible for Guitar Masters 2016 to attract a large number of audience and resonate through all over Poland and the whole world, making it one of the most important artistic events organized during the celebrations of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016.
Krzysztof Maj (general director of Impart 2016 Festival Office)

I would like to express my congratulations on the diverse and unique artistic programme. The Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw is happy to have had such a creative and reliable partner as Wrocław Guitar Society for many years now.
Martin Meisel (Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum)


I would like to congratulate wholeheartedly on the excellent programme of Guitar Masters 2016 Festival. I am glad that this event will host such outstanding artists. I am also very happy about the organization of the guitar competition with, judging from the list of names, participants coming from the continents all over the world. I offer you my heartiest congratulations once more and wish you all the best and success in the development of your future plans and arrangements.
Krystian Kiełb (composer and pedagogue)


As a technological partner of the project Guitar Masters International Competition & Festival, we would like to express our appreciation for the work and effort which Wrocław Guitar Society has put into the organization of the above mentioned undertaking. The event was a great success and brought credit to its organizers, the city of Wrocław and Dolby company.
Łukasz Bratek (Dolby Poland Sp. z o.o.)


During the I week astride the months of October and November I have been acting as president of the jury in Wroclaw Guitar Masters Festival Competition. My old friend Krysztof Pełech, who created the Polish event in Wroclaw has been able to involve in its realization both the highest representatives of Culture in Poland and the main Administrative officials of his chosen city. I highly praise him for this great gesture in favor of the recognition of our instrument in Poland and in the whole world. Thanks to his enterprising spirit, the fostering of some of the most talented and advanced participants has received a strong forward push in their difficult path towards a most successful international career.
Oscar Ghiglia (guitarist & teacher)
I wanted to write personally to say thank you for the marvelous time I had in Poland. The contest was amazing and I wanted to thank you for your hospitality. Please give my congratulations to the entire crew who made Guitar Masters 2016 possible and please know that if you are ever in Paraguay, you have a friend here.
Berta Rojas (guitarist & composer)

I am writing to thank you formally for the excellent reception that you gave to Berta in Wroclaw, and to congratulate you on the success of the Festival GM 2016. Berta enjoyed the festival very much,. We would be delighted to work with you again, and for Berta to participate in future editions of the GM Festival. With best wishes for next year's Festival.
Nick Regan (Berta Rojas Manager)


Thanks again so much for inviting me to be a jury member during the Guitar Masters Festival. It has been a great pleasure to be in Wroclaw during this huge event. You have all been very kind and attentive to everybody and everything. This is what makes you such great organizers team!! I wish you lots of success with the upcoming future festivals!!
Annette Kruisbrink (guitarist & composer)


Andrea and Davide (winners) told me that, in their long experience frequenting the biggest festival in the world, for the first time, they had the sensation to be in the most amazing competition they had ever took part... they said, " Paolo, it was like to be at Chopin, Joachim... Busoni competition. Really outstanding!”
Paolo Pegoraro (guitarist & teacher)


Congratulations on organizing such a fantastic event with an extraordinary program.
Alexander Swete (guitarist & teacher)

For many years I have watched in streaming all the most important violin’s or piano’s competitions such as Chopin in Warsaw, Van Cliburn or Thaikowsky in Moscow. I have always asked myself: «Why the guitar’s competitions are so different?». Last week you gave me the answer: there is not a true reason, and you made my wish come true with your Guitar Masters 2016! Congratulations!

Frédéric Zigante (guitarist)
The second and the last part of the evening was the performance of Marco Tamayo with the NFM Wrocław Philharmonic conducted by Vladimir Fanshil – Concerto de Toronto, which, in my opinion, constituted a fusion of all the most brilliant film soundtracks written by the ingenious John Williams. Fragments of Jurrasic Park and Stars Wars were to be heard there continously, making a one of a kind original soundtrack. It was an incredible sensation for a person interested in film music – to be able to experience  a déjà vu of a film which never existed. It is worth noting that the numerous sounds coming from the instruments were clear and completely flawless. I have never witnessed anything as engaging as that before.
Małgorzata Światlak (kulturadogorynogami.pl)


Proper promotion of the event, high financial prizes (60 000 EUR in total), media support and organizers’ dedication made both of the competitions indisputably join the ranks of the biggest guitar contest in the world. It all resulted in top level finalists’ performances, large number of participants and high resonance of the event all over the world. The festival has been organized in the most exemplary manner, and the promotion of the event was a true masterpiece.
Dariusz Domański (Top Guitar magazine)


We congratulate you on the grand finale of the competition and festival! Fantastic young musicians. Music and quality of Alexander Tansman. Congratulations!
Alexander Vinitsky (guitarist and teacher)


This is a great festival and the artists are amazing!
Angela Waltner (guitar designer & master guitarmaker)


I know it will be a great success.
Adam Holzman (Professor of Guitar)


I have looked at your site www.guitarmasters.pl  It is really very impressive, many congratulations.
Tom McClymont (Anders Miolin Representative)

Congratulations on a wonderful and successful Festival!!! I really wish I could have been there to participate. Have a wonderful time! I wish all the best for you and continued success.
Ana Vidović (guitarist)


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