Concert of the legendary Assad Brothers duo already in March in Wrocław 

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the radio Wrocław Concert Hall will host an extraordinary music event – a concert of the world famous and prize-winning (e.g. prestigious Latin Grammy Award) Assad Brothers, widely recognised as one of the most outstanding classical guitarists in history. The audience will have a unique opportunity to listen to the musicians’ own original compositions as well as their masterly interpretations of jazz, latin American and Baroque music pieces. The concert will also include a guest perfromance by Woch&Guzik Duo and the world premiere of Sérgio Assad’s composition titled ”One Week in Rio” which was composed especially for the Polish guitar duo.

The tickets for this event are already available at:



Sergio and Odair Assad are members of the famous Brazilian guitar duo which sets the benchmark for all other guitarists from all over the world. their exceptional artistry combined with unusual ingenuity and music expression allow the brothers to set the new standards of performance and play a major role in creating and introducing new music for two guitars for many years now. 

The Assads began playing the guitar together at an early age and went on to study for seven years with Dona Monina - a disciple of the famous Andrés Segovia. Their international career began with a major prize at the 1979 Young Artists Competition in Bratislava organized by UNESCO. Since then, the duo has collaborated with such artists as Yo-Yo Ma, Fernando Suarez Paz, Paquito D'Rivera, Gidon Kremer and Dawn Upshaw. Their virtuosity has inspired a wide range of composers to write for them including Astor Piazzolla, Terry Riley, Radamés Gnattali, Marlos Nobre, Nikita Koshkin, Jorge Morel, Edino Krieger and Francisco Mignone.


The Assad’s repertoire includes original music composed by Sérgio Assad and his re-workings of jazz music as well as Latin music of almost every style. Their standard classical repertoire includes transcriptions of the great Baroque keyboard literature of Bach, Rameau and Scarlatti and adaptations of works by such diverse figures as Gershwin, Ginastera and Debussy which makes their every concert a compelling blend of styles, periods and cultures.





Adam Woch and Robert Guzik’s collaboration started in 2011. Two years later, the duo initiated its concert tour activities and started to participate in competitions. Among its greatest successes there is the 2nd prize of the 10th European Guitar Competition ”Enrico Mercatali” in May, 2013 (Gorizia, Italy). The same year, the duo became the laureate of the prestigious IBLA Grand Prize International Music Competition. In 2014, the musicians participated in a concert tour across the USA during which they performed in, among others, one of the most prestigious classical music venues in the world – New York’s Carnegie Hall. In August 2014, the duo made its debut at the most important Polish guitar festival – Polish Guitar Academy in Poznań, where all the most talented classical musicians and jazz music stars perform. In April 2016, the musicians gave four concerts in Beijing which were met with enthusiasm by the Chinese audience. Moreover, the duo started the collaboration with the famous guitar duo of Sergio & Odair Assad, which resulted in the composition written specially for Woch & Guzik duo, whose premiere will take place in March 2017. It is going to be the first event of that kind in the history of Polish guitar music.


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