Flamenco Evening: Fire Dance

23 Oct 2022 | 5:30 PM
Witrażowa Hall, 1 Purkyniego Str., Wrocław
Tickets: 55 PLN available at kupbilecik.pl and before the concert
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In October a legendary and long-awaited group DANZA DEL FUEGO will perform in front of the Wrocław audience! On the Flamenco Eveinng stage will perform: Sławomir Dolata "Dolatito" – a pioneer of flamenco guitar in Poland, Dorota "Dolores" Dzięcioł – a dancer, choreographer, flautist and vocalist, a violinist Monika Szała and a percussionist Dawid Cholewiński. The Spanish vocalist Borja Soto will sing as a guest.


The history of the Danza del Fuego ensemble began in 1991, when a group of musicians fascinated with the art of flamenco gathered under this name. The founder and manager of the band is Sławomir Dolata - one of the first flamenco guitarists in Poland, the author of the only DVD and books in Poland for learning to play the flamenco guitar.


For over a dozen years of its existence, the band has given concerts in Poland and abroad, in various line-ups, cooperating with flamenco artists from Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The group performed alongside famous flamenco artists such as Juan Polvillo, Rafael Cortés, Rafael de Huelva, Tomatito, Cañizares, Maria Serrano, Carmen Segura, Teo Barea Muñoz and the Agustito group.


The music created by the group is their own vision of flamenco, based on the traditional art of Gypsies from Andalusia, jazz, Latin and oriental music. The band's program includes traditional and well-known forms of flamenco, as well as their own compositions and arrangements. The musicians of Danza del Fuego reach to the eastern roots of flamenco, leaning towards traditional forms and well-known musical themes, without giving up modern elements that are determinants of our times.


Today, the band, apart from concert activities, conducts guitar courses and dance workshops.

Band's website: https://danza.art.pl/
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