26 Nov 2022 | 7:00 pm

Witrażowa Hall, 1 Purkyniego Str., Wrocław

Tickets: normal PLN 77, reduced 55 PLN available on email order (kk@agencjaka.pl) or online at: biletyna.plkupbilecik.pl, tobilet.pl 

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Piotr Restecki returns to Wrocław with material from the latest HOME album! As usual, you can expect a real one-man show, because the stage will accumulate energy, emotions, compositional and instrumental talent, all shrouded in the thrill of searching for new means of expression. We invite you to an evening full of musical ecstasies and surprises.


Piotr Restecki is a total musician who is difficult to qualify for any trend. As he himself says, "he is constantly looking for a new space in music", helped by technological toys, new percussion instruments or the use of his own voice. Endless imagination and the desire to move the audience make each concert different and full of emotions. The audience is not indifferent to this and is enthusiastic about the artist's work, often remaining with his music forever.


Piotr Restecki started his adventure with music as a self-taught guitarist. However, when he (by accident) ran over his instrument with a car, he decided to play differently. That is how he "switched" to acoustic guitar and soon became a master of fingerstyle (a spectacular technique of playing the guitar consisting in extracting an effect from one instrument, as if several musicians were playing). Restek plays on Polish and international stages, incl. with artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Preston Reed and Jon Gomm, he conducts fingerstyle workshops and records for radio and television. In the recent few years of his career, Piotr appears as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, still thinking about his performances in the category of solo art.


Organisers: KA-International Art Management, Fandango PolskaSala Witrażowa


Contact for media: Katarzyna Krzysztyniak, 793 355 877, kk@agencjaka.pl

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