Flamenco evening: LOS DUENDES – premiere of the album Misalliance

May 21, 2023 | 7 PM

Witrażowa Hall, 1 Purkyniego Str., Wrocław

Tickets: PLN 88 normal, PLN 66 reduced* available on e-mail order (kk@agencjaka.pl) or online at:


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The art of flamenco with broadly understood world music, rock, classical reminiscences, jazz improvisation, latino and many other musical influences from different cultures will be heard during the Flamenco Evening in May, when Los Duendes will play. The band will present material from the debut album Misalliance, and special guests will appear on the stage!


The band Los Duendes was created from the need to combine the spirit of "duende" with various music genres and inspirations. When Borja Soto settled in Poland for good, in 2018 he invited several musicians to cooperate with whom he began to play arrangements of famous Spanish songs. The following year, the band recorded its first music video "Fantasía" and formed a new line-up, in which it still functions: Borja Soto (Spain) - vocals, Rainer Maria Nero (Austria) - guitar, Piotr Łyszkiewicz (Poland) - wind instruments, Osmar Pegudo (Kuba) – percussion instruments.


In this way, an international band was formed that created an original musical style. The lyrics of the songs are written by Borja and they are inspired by philosophy, reflection on life and universal human feelings, behaviors and vices. The band is reluctant to categorize their music and most often uses the term #musicalfreedom. It is freedom, authenticity, originality and diversity that are the highest values of Los Duendes musicians.


"Duende" is an elf, a dwarf, in the flamenco culture it means an extraordinary musical talent. Through the name, the band paid homage to the art of flamenco on the one hand, and the city of Wrocław, on the other hand, where it was founded, and whose symbol are dwarves.



This is the debut album of the Los Duendes band, which was created in 4 studios (Wrocław - Warsaw - Vienna - Wrocław). In addition to the basic line-up of the band - 9 musicians from 7 different countries made guest appearances! There are 8 tracks on the album, including 2 instrumentals. This is what Borja Soto writes about the album and its title:

The term, Misalliance, in addition to denoting an unequal relationship between two people, also signifies inconvenience, difficulty, challenge, adversity, and the act of overcoming. This civilization has instilled in us from an early age the compelling need to constantly draw conclusions, through which events are summarized and opinions formed about everything; conclusions that feed into the character we call our personality, and only comprise an artificial creation that we embrace in order not to confront the gatekeepers guarding that which has been hidden from us forever (read the allegory of the cave) 'THE TRUTH'. These gatekeepers are our insecurities, uncertainties, nostalgic memories, and melancholies ... in short, our attachments and fears that we allow and empower to keep us captive looking at shadows on the wall. Who says that we have to have an opinion about everything that our senses perceive? Who gave us the authority through which to continually pass judgement? When we do so we enter into the FANTASY of DUALITY that keeps us SLAVES TO DESIRE and PLAYING TO LIVE. In the land of truth there is no address to arrive to. Only path. Just as there are no goals to carry out or develop our actions, only reasons to do them.

Three days earlier, the band will play for the first time in Nowy Sącz - in the club-café Late Nightingale, on May 18 at 19:00. To keep up to date with concert dates and music premieres of Los Duendes, we recommend following the band's channels:

www: http://losduendes.pl

FB: https://www.facebook.com/losduendesPL/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/losduendes_pl/

YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/LosDuendes


Organisers: KA-International Art Management, Fandango PolskaSala Witrażowa

Contact for media: Katarzyna Krzysztyniak, 793 355 877, kk@agencjaka.pl

*) A reduced ticket is available to retirees, pensioners, school and university students up to 26 years of age and disabled people with their guardian. Children under 7 years of age can attend the concert free of charge if they can sit on their parents' laps.

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