One-man show

4 August 20 | 20.00

Stary Klasztor – Summer Stage

1 Purkyniego Str., Wrocław


tickets: 40 PLN – advance, 45 PLN – on the day of concert

reduced (students): 25 PLN – advance, 30 PLN – on the day of concert

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The Stary Klasztor club and the KA agency invite you to the vocal and guitar one-man show on August 4th performed by the precursor of Polish fingerstyle – Piotr "Restek" Restecki.

Tickets available online:
booking: bilety@o2.pl

Piotr Restek Restecki is a charismatic and uncompromising artist originating from the guitar trend, fascinated by musical experiments. The precursor of the indie instrumental guitar trend, in which he combines the traditional musical canon with the avant-garde use of electronics, sampler and own voice. Restecki draws on the tradition of rhythm & blues, lyrical ballad, jazz feel, Latin madness, shamanic trance, confronting them with the musical vision of the future under the sign of independent.

His one-man "independent stage" are concerts filled with intelligent humor and irony, which give his performances charm and spiciness.

The artist's rich phonographic record and numerous concerts played not only in Poland, but also in Europe or China are the best showcase of Piotr Restecki. He performed, among others, with world-famous artists such as: Tommy Emmanuel, Preston Reed, and Jon Gomm. He also cooperated with the leading Polish vocalists: Andrzej "Piasek" Piaseczny, Piotr Cugowski, Krzysztof "K.A.S.A." Kasowski.

Piotr "Restek" Restecki as an artist combines instrumental virtuosity, melody aesthetics, composer's ear, charisma and courage of musical experimentation. It makes him a stage individual who, once heard, cannot be forgotten.

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