Tommy Emmanuel comes back to Wrocław!

Tommy Emmanuel, well known to the Polish public, one of the best, and for many the greatest acoustic guitarist in the world, will return to Poland in the fall. The guitar master will perform in Poland on four concerts: in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław.

Tommy Emmanuel

support: Christie Lenée

8 November 2019 r., 7 PM
Wrocław Congress Centre, 1 Wystawowa Str., Wrocław

Tickets available at and in Empik stores.


Loved by Poles!
Beloved for enormous musical talent and stage personality - a brilliant Australian guitarist - Tommy Emmanuel will appear in Wrocław again after a five-year break. The audience reacts vividly to his virtuoso, passionate and emotional performances and appreciates the extraordinary sense of humor that introduces an unusual element of closeness between public and the Guitar Master. Everyone admires him, including musicians who are very aware of Tommy's technique and virtuosity. Tommy Emmaunel gathers delighted and devoted audience and makes everyone who has ever seen him at a concert, want to meet him again as soon as possible.


An outstanding guitarist and showman
Tommy Emmanuel remains an incomparable, outstanding master of fingerstyle (fingerpicking) and slapping. The guitar in Tommy's hands turns into a complete band that simultaneously presents the bass line, drum sounds and melody of the lead instrument, but in reality we see only one man on the stage with his acoustic guitar. This brilliant Australian is a virtuoso and self-taught who has never studied at a music school, does not read music or tablature. He catches every sound by hearing, creates it in his head and transfers it to the guitar strings with his hands. He shares his passion and skills, and above all the joy of playing the guitar and love of music, with guitarists and fans from around the world on countless tours. Every year, he plays about 300 concerts around the world.


Personification of Music
In Tommy's work, it's easy to find traces of many genres - it contains sounds characteristic of country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, pop and even flamenco, classical music or Aboriginal music. The artist plays instrumental songs, but also eagerly sings, performing his own songs and reaching for known hits. Fans can listen to 28 albums - recorded solo, in duets, in bands, as well as cover albums, which he created playing both acoustic and electric guitar. Six of his concerts have been released on DVD, and everyone who loves guitar playing is waiting for his instructional CDs.


Honored musician
The artist has twice been nominated for a Grammy Award. His mentor - Chet Atkins, gave him the name: CGP (Certified Guitar Player). Only four people in the world received this title. Awarded many times by famed professional magazines such as Guitar Player Magazine, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Juke Magazine and Rolling Stone. The Australian Music Ambassador also received the Order of Australia, the highest state decoration, awarded to him for his contribution to the development of the country, including in music education.

Christie Lenée - a guitarist and singer who won in 2017 the title of International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion will perform before the concert of Tommy Emmanuel.


Official website of Tommy Emmanuel:


Contact, information:
Katarzyna Krzysztyniak

KA – International Art Management/Wrocław Guitar Society
ph. +48 793 355 877




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