About us

Wrocław Guitar Festival was created nearly two decades ago (1998). Throughout the years it has invariably maintained the status of a unique event in Poland and in Europe, and it boasts a rich tradition and a high level of artistic performance. It is referred to as a guitar feast, as its atmosphere attracts to Wrocław guitarists and guitar music fans from all over the world. The central idea of the Guitar Masters/Gitara+ festival is presenting various musical styles connected more or less with the guitar. Among them there is obviously classical music, flamenco (often accompanied by singing and dancing), jazz as well as Latino music, ethnic music and an endless fusion of sounds taken from various musical styles. This variety of repertoire proves that guitar music knows no stylistic boundaries.

Every year the Festival hosts the biggest stars and authorities, not only of the guitar world. During its eighteen editions there have performed such virtuosos as: Paco de Lucía, Tommy Emmanuel, John McLaughlin, Al di Meola, Jesse Cook, Larry Coryell, Joscho Stephan, Martin Taylor, Louis Winsberg, Nina Pastori, Carles Benavent, Carlos Pinana, Tomatito, Canizares, Kraah Zehnder, Antonio Forcione, Aniello Desiderio, Zoran Dukić, Duo Melis, Pavel Steidl, Jorge Morel, Costas Cotsiolis, Ana Vidović czy Rolf Lislevand. The guitarists have been accompanied by such outstanding musicians as: Chick Corea, Kenny Garrett, Christian McBride, Vinnie Colaiuta. The Festival is also involved in the promotion of our native young artists, very often giving them a chance to perform on stage with musicians of international renown. Among the Polish stars of the Festival there are such names as Marek Napiórkowski, Marcin Olak, Artur Lesicki, Krzysztof Pełech, Łukasz Kuropaczewski, Marcin Dylla, Marek Pasieczny, Wojtek Pilichowski, Anna Maria Jopek, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Jan Peszek, Krzesimir Dębski, Aleksandra Kurzak and Grupa MoCarta.

Wrocław Guitar Festival does not entail only concerts but also master classes, instruments exhibitions, presentations of musical publishing houses, showing films; these are events, whose high artistic value is guaranteed by Krzysztof Pełech, the originator, co-founder and artistic director of the Festival, who is also a distinguished Polish classical guitarist.

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