FARRU "Por un sueño"

FOR A DREAM – final of the Flamenco Festival City of Dwarfs

25 Nov 2023 | 8 PM

Impart Centre, 19 Piłsudskiego Str., Wrocław

Tickets 199/222/255 PLN available at: ticketmaster.pl, biletyna.plkupbilecik.pl

Collector's tickets you can order by email: festival@elfandango.pl

Antonio Fernández Montoya "Farru"
, the medium son in the siblings "Los Farrucos" is one of the most recognizable flamenco artists in the world. He collaborated with well-known international artists - Beyoncé, Björk, Marek Anthony, Paulina Rubio, Madonna, as well as with Spanish musicians of the largest format, such as, among others Paco de Lucía, Tomatito and El Barrio band.

After 5 years of touring in the best theaters in the world with guitarist Paco de Lucía, Antonio Fernández Montoya "Farru" felt a deep need to discover himself, his motivation and guiding thought to create a spectacle. It was not easy to take over the baton, which Master Paco de Lucía entrusted this wonderful and versatile artist: "I dreamed all night about you. I saw how you dance, sing and play the guitar, this is what you have to do. " Maestro's words resounded in his head, and the joy of the guitarist's life became for the dancer's goal he decided to strive for. The Paco de Lucía councils initiated a new artistic stage for Farru and were a turning point, from which there is no longer escape in his career.

In the spectacle we invite for, the Sevilian dancer, always flawless and relentless, will present a choice of a certain path, his internal fight, willingness to meet the new challenge, which undoubtedly made him evolve and grow up.

He will appear in the company of well-known names - m. singer Rafael de Utrera, known for his cooperation with the master Paco de Lucía and singing during many concert tours with the wonderful Vicente Amigo, with whom he visited Wrocław in 2016.

In addition to the regular cast of artists, a special guest will appear on stage next to Farru, Pedro María Peña, a musician from two of the most important artistic families in the history of flamenco, "Peña" from Lebrija and "Perrate" from Utrera. He is a guitarist who, at the age of 15, joined the band of his uncle, the great singer, master Juan Peña "Lebrijano", and then accompanied him on international tours, performing on the stage of the world's best theaters. As a 16-year-old, he won a prize at the International Guitar Competition in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). At the age of 21, he decided to make a 180-degree turn. He then left his uncle's "Lebrijano" group and decided to combine Composition, Flamenco Guitar, Production and Music Direction in one career path.

During the final evening of the first edition of the international Flamenco Festival Miasto Krasnali/Ciudad de Duendes on November 25 in Wrocław, the following artists will perform:

FARRU (dance, sing and guitar),

and PACO VEGA (percussion).

We invite you to a flamenco show entitled "FOR A DREAM".

Organizers: Fandango PolskaKA-International Art Management

The festival is organized with the support of the Marshal's Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.
Contact: festival@elfandango.pl

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