Falk Zenker Trio
Ensemble Nu:n

25th October 2016 (Tuesday)
7.00 PM
National Forum of Music
1 Wolnosci Sq., Wroclaw, Poland
Tickets: normal 50 zł, reduced 30 zł

Ensemble Nu:n is a chamber music ensemble founded in 2003 by Falk Zenker. The trio consists of jazz and world music instrumentalists: a guitarist Falk Zenker, a saxophonist Gert Anklam and a percussionist Nora Thiele. The specialty of Ensemble Nu:n is a medieval music presented in an unobvious, modern and experimental way. Though having a deep respect for historical tradition and context, the musicians use modern instruments, improvise and experiment with the sound. All that creates a unique connection between the past and the present day. Their repertoire includes both sacred and secular medieval music.

During the concert at the Guitar Masters 2016 festival, Falk Zenker and his Ensemble Nu:n will present a repertoire from their latest album titled Estampie. The estampies, medieval courtly dances from the Manuscript du Roi (a famous French songbook dating from the thirteenth century), are the very roots of Western instrumental music. The audience will be able to enjoy a new, idiosyncratic and astonishingly contemporary interpretation of the medieval pieces, which are the oldest preserved instrumental music of the West. With explorers’ curiosity as well as a sensitivity and historical knowledge, Ensemble Nu:n will take the audience on a musical journey through the ages. The concert will dazzle fans of old music as well as enthusiasts of improvised music and sound experiments. The concert will take place in National Forum of Music in Wrocław on the 25th October 2016.

Falk Zenker, a German guitarist, composer and sound artist, successfully combines not only modernity with tradition, but also music with other arts. The artist possesses a varied repertoire including flamenco, jazz, classical music, world music, electro-acoustical music and medieval music. He expands the boundaries of traditional genres by experimenting with the sound and improvising. He performs solo and in ensembles, collaborating with various artists from world music and jazz scenes. Apart from performing career, he composes film and television soundtracks, theatre music as well as creates sound installations and multi-art projects.

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